02 October, 2018

Sensory terror

The obvious is atrocious. — Horror is life itself flowing, daylight, breath, warm knives in the sluggish night.


04 February, 2017

Carnal flux

of flayed oxen
glowing in broken sensory flows

streams of beheaded redheads
pouring in the gray sluice of my torn skull

six hundred cold knives standing up in lunatic sheaves through the fiery dawn

flood of tender thighs
milky blindness around morning light

and my brains
unctuous atrocious brains
licking the blade of tenderness  

by Younisos

09 May, 2016

Cut-up on deep throat in the sky

Cut !
cut it up
silent cum
sidereal throat
cerulean blowjobs
bits of howling melon
viscera on the horizon
wild murderous sausages
cruel schizophrenic rump steak
blind giant bone fucking the moon

02 May, 2015

Sensorial panic in the Medina

I did not meet any confirmed centipede in Tangier. My beast is the atrocious sweetness, pieces of female meat crawling all over my decaying walls. — A huge white bull jumped out of Café Fuentes balcony and landed on a busty ginger girl at the terrace of Café Central, crushing her delicate flesh and her shitty panini… The waiter, old sticky prick, licked the redhead's glowing lymph on the pavement, he swallowed his own ugly smile, and I turned off the show. — Drowsing in front of the facade that pukes dirty sunshine through my wide window, I wake up with sunny knives ransacking my neck. Bloody Danaé licks my bewildered dick while I'm cutting up the light. Murder blooms in the synapses of the sun. Carnal rapture is a spit on the white stellar massacre… diaphanous streams of cum streaking the Milky Way's ass.


12 January, 2015

Six thighs

 Flesh is silence ... enlightened. Cold pale butt. My fleshy computer stinks, oozing thick bloody lust and shit. Boozing up-skirt the gelatinous is cumming. Sucking the flow ... cushy in my corner, blessed ... Now in scarlet light, I'm singing the strange apparition that Julie and I have lived on southern highway : beheaded redhead, blue eyes ripped by Julie... Milk gushing from throat cut beyond the sweetness of her divine pig. Large knife always yelling. Six young thighs around Zoco Chico.

06 October, 2014

Scarlet streams

streams of broken ribs 
gutted fruity nymphs
meaty slanting flow
flooding gurgling

dappled mornings
whining milk
creamy hole of light

nude chestnut moon
quivering rectum

— Bone impaling the frail soft skin
of the present

29 September, 2014

Anal azure

When a giant blade rises in the sky,
yelling at the sky :
YES ! and fuck you ! sky,

the river of desire
in silence, may vomit
its convulsed scum
its slaughtered melons
young velvety vulvas
and amputated nymphs

and monstrous anal-dildos

Quand une lame géante se lève dans le ciel,

criant à tue-ciel :
OUI ! et fuck you ! le ciel !

alors le fleuve du désir
peut, en silence, vomir
son écume convulsée
ses oranges égorgées
ses jeunes vulves
ses naïades amputées

et ses coïts anaux

Extrait de CARNAGE SENSITIF de Younisos

27 September, 2014

Sensory panic

Those who admire Sade and Bataille did not eat any excrement.

As for me, I swallow large gulps of cerulean shit 
drinking panic in flesh and solar blades 
my gut on sensorial nerve-breaking table

my skin stretched along a warm vomited afternoon
squeaky cartilage on the scarlet thread
dislocated rush
my erect bony body
on basal tremor
sensory marrow in primal flood.

And when I scream (frightening my neighbours)
I disgorge spurts of bright tortured beauty
ejected in mad gushes
on the silence of my stolid walls.


22 May, 2014

Carnage sensitif

 CARNAGE SENSITIF, the  new book of Younisos 
Prose and poetry

Maybe the bloodiest book written in Tangier since Naked Lunch.

If you read French, here is a wild delirious dionysian book...

 available at :

23 March, 2014

Bony madness

a radical blade extends its iced platinum
on sawn skulls —
huge eggs
crimped marrow
mad cartilages
erect bone breaking up heavens

flabbergasted guts
puke their meaty screams
on lymphatic aphonia —
flat ribs
blown gelatin
stillborn green sky
crippled fractal twisted smash

and my frightened glands
fall apart
in ionic cracklings
slicing the synaptic song
of dismembered aesthetics —

cold breast
sidereal gristle
bony phallic killing

slashed immanence

16 March, 2014

The silence of the thigh

a thigh a thigh as it appears enlightened where the verb disappears into the muteness of the thigh abyss on silence and screams bloom in skin and curves through azure steaks and sliced breasts are quivering sidereal dissolution into bowels chaos of light spouting fury  meaty colour shut up forget about psychoanalysis destroy screens withdraw your eyes from the swarm  of speech be silent  I planted the fork in the thigh and blood spurted three large scarlet drops on pale flesh  three red rivulets that I savoured on the thigh with my tongue in bright flowing delight the pale obscenity of a smooth ass  brightens my intimate atrocity  in my  glowing skull  the light (suffused with crime) strips off  the ultimate meat a thigh a thigh the sensory killing sings in sharp twists and quiet night lying through placid milk

17 February, 2014

Zoco Chico

Bloody dance sawed scraping bones scarlet singing squirt torn   visceral software lymphatic pirouettes exploded pixels puking pale trickling   light sticky spattered brains dripping on carmine stage in underground slaughterhouse-theater of Zoco Chico.


14 February, 2014

Flesh up cutting

wide sword applies straightaway to its own fibres dionysian undulation of harpsichord tearing it one by one blood is gurgling on meringue ending in meat-based blooming of delights soft split  leathery beef and blood dripping on my walls my mad delirious cock singing so wave-like on waves of rippling lights in velvety  lightning curves broken up free jazzed massacre I’m strained for my sticking slender subtly air ascending sensory fullness of scarlet woman on any length all death wanders around Mary deadly morning  sings his boring chaconne in the folds of  viscera torturing the warmth of the womb turning into petrified clots calling for self-killing in azure birds make holes silver stream capsized guts to lap divine redhead buttocks bloom perched such a plump fleshy fruit exquisite ecstasy mingling rage fluent falling frosted lymph howling roundness  shredded verticality falls  wiggling under the red rain in September  my fever is my desire to burst steaks quiver in swirling jets these thighs are flowing runoff melon rippling outspread sip pulp pork delicacies  blade of silence crunchy cartilage   cut delight


25 December, 2013

Silence in Interzone

Dazed I descend
the slope that ends
in drowsy mazes
of Interzone.

Open to quivering cracks,
to the slumbering filth
in half-light,

I slip in the stench of alleys,
and I penetrate languid dead ends,

when suddenly emerges
a young bewildered,

lips trembling,
hungry look.

— Come on ! she screeches,
I'm torn !
torn ...

Lifting up her dress
she shows me the paleness
of her thigh,
and she shuts up.

And I faint
in carnal silence.

The silence
of her thigh.

21 December, 2013

Interzone 3001

Hanging on the solar hook
of blind limpid sky,
a huge flayed ox
is crying
his thick

Eleven bikini nymphs
under the red rain
in September.

Dionysus snatches his heart
and throws it to the Maenads of the Web.

A juicy redhead
shits her milk
on the slaughterhouses
in 3001.

The ax of Aesthetics
falls down on a nightclub
full of round  skinned thighs ...

— In my bed,
a huge flayed ox
is lying,
crushing  the tender breasts
of my slashed milky girl.

18 December, 2013

Aesthetics of carnage

My belly is a voracious beast, eager to tremors ;
it pukes strings of atrocities
gulps of tremulous terror
and sensual anxiety
without any purpose —

just for the killing joy 
for the sensorial massacre
and the terebrant chant
— and the scarlet hole
in the skull
of the present.


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13 December, 2013

Sweet sweet massacres

lights up in azure.

Earth cries her paranoid sap.

Poetry is slicing the thighs of tenderness.

Creamy naiads
the fluffy hole of anal roar.

my phallic skull
is singing
the sensorial immanence
sweet milky massacres
burning streams of silence.

Mary's liver

The liver of Mary
sways and hums
at noon under the sun.

The blood of Mary
in streaks along the sky
intones his ripped aria
his scarlet dithyramb.

— Glory to Dionysus !

Cut-up alley

guts torn along alleys darkened by howler assassins warm heart snatched gray wall agony sawn neck dazed blade rusty dull my entrails on the table sheared light drilled multiple vertical crack slow impalement walking through the cut-throat street broken ribs hoping for some headless glow cracking the cartilage of the spear yelling loud twirling blinding furious cock singing upcoming murders licking sweet thighs killer Bone gleaming biting hilarious rump steak blood mixed with fresh brains spattered on Mary's cleavage the artist is not an ego she went home licking her own tits  that's my skull  “the-flow-flows” could coincide with : SILENCE

Lethal light

A bloody jelly
pours from dilated synapses
of chubby dreams
with strawberry
and busty bright cream
and clear screams —
and shrill slices of light
and pale eruptions   
of round deadly tits.

03 March, 2012


Tanger / Salò / Interzone

Hadès azuré !
Le bleu chante tout méchant, et chie des flopées de rouquines au cul ultrafin, ossodomisées trop profond, loin par-delà le rectum, jusqu’au cæcum enchanté chantonnant.

Les tapineuses, au Zoco Chico, se font rares. Et les vicelards  d’outre-mer trop courtois, désormais sont discrets. —  L’azur seul continue de gicler parfaitement abject et grossier, jutant sur la place tout son fiel mordoré, nimbé de nappes vaporeuses irisées de foutre éthéré et de lymphe translucide perçue uniquement par l’Os au gland tranchant à résonances sensorielles fluidifiées.

Tanger / Salò / Interzone

Par où les data sensitives se font-elles enculer ?

Extrait de CARNAGE SENSITIF de Younisos

04 March, 2009

Lumières Sanglantes


Sur ma table de travail, gît un porc écorché. Parmi les feux du ciel frétillent des biftecks, et des seins tranchés. Dans la lumière, pétille le rire vermeil de onze mille belles éventrées. 

Au creux du soleil une vulve étincelle, étrange fêlure, nimbée d’or et d’azur.

La terre s’ouvrant, des phallus effroyables s’élancent dans les airs, par flots le sang éclabousse l’atmosphère, l’humaine raison vacille et se perd, la vie triomphe écarlate et solaire — ma rage explose embrasant l’univers. 

Sur le lit blanc, gît une tête de porc — parmi la fraise et la crème rayonnent deux lèvres fraîches, et le goût de la mort. Au creux de mon crâne un grand massacre se déchaîne, par ondes et flots le Mal fuse dans mes veines ; dans l’azur limpide je vois un bœuf écorché, et des gros seins blancs de pulpe gorgés — quand je dors j’ai souvent la gorge tranchée, dans mes rêves s’élèvent onze mille belles égorgées. 

Ma tête enfle et éclate le sang gicle et ruisselle — ma sève s’épand par les trous du réel. 

Parmi les cerises meringuées je vois d’amples hanches crémeuses, et une langue de porc — sur le lit blanc gît une tête de mort. Au cœur de la nuit molle et vaporeuse je vois des fesses hautes et laiteuses, et le sperme lunaire en giclées nébuleuses. 

La lune enfle et éclate le lait fuse et ruisselle, ma rage se dilate en strip-tease du réel. 

Sous le ciel blanc, rutile la viande carmin de onze mille nymphes désossées. Dans les ténèbres célestes frétillent des rumstecks, et des reins tranchés. Sur ma table de travail, gît une femme égorgée. 

Extrait de Carnage sensitif

09 January, 2009


Je chante ! la boue chante !
Crevons, buvons rouge, osons la fange !
Tremblote ouvre déchire-toi crèèèèèève !
Foutez vos cœurs dehors !
Je vous montrerai les fentes de la beauté — de mon sang je rafraîchirai vos fêlures immondes —
Qui ose encore parler d’amour et de mort ? — l’Apocalypse est déjà consumée — sur le Net se joue le deuil décalé de la Déflagration qui naguère eût mieux fait de nous réduire en poussière d’astres galeux —
Je chante ! la boue chante !

Dépecez-moi !

Je veux vivre en direct mon déchiquetage intégral, et qu’on mêle mes viscères à des grosses fraises obscènes, et que sur les débris pulvérulents de mon maigre cadavre s’éploient des coïts insensés et de monstrueux festins, et que le ciel vert se fende et dégueule des créatures gélatineuses acéphales, et que le Web soit enfin percé à jour — Web sournois dieu diffus, scélérat.

Extrait de Carnage sensitif